October 24, 2011

Fourteen Months

Well, howdy y’all! Glad to see ya. Let me take a break from being a curious little boy for a minute and let you know what’s been new in my life lately. As of today, I’ve been exploring this grand ol’ world for 14 months. 

If it were ever in question, this month has solidified the truth that I am ALL boy. Every square inch. Every nucleus of every atom. Boy. As a boy would be, I am currently obsessed with tractors (see picture above). I know you are correcting me…. It is a lawn mower, but to me it is a tractor. Cars are tractors. Trucks are tractors. Shopping carts are tractors. Wagons are tractors. 
It all started with this beauty that my Uncle Kody's parents got me for my birthday. One day this month I decided that I loved it. And we’ve been exploring this world together ever since… my tractor and me. 

Another very boyish thing that I love to do is play in the dirt. This drives Mama crazy but she has started to relax more and just let me do my thing. She would rather me play my less messy game… pull the bark off the tree. It’s another favorite that I could do all day. 
I still prefer walking to crawling (a rare occasion around here now)… but even more than both, I love to run. We took a visit to Kentucky this month and I had some fun running through the crunchy leaves.

I’m not all smiles, though. Sometimes I get angry. Really angry. I’ve started to throw some tantrums when I don’t get my way and they usually start with me hitting myself in the head, then hitting Mama or Dad in the face and end with me banging my head on the ground. It’s not a pretty sight. Welcome to toddlerhood, Mom and Dad!
I have been doing more big boy things this month. I’m starting to get the hang of feeding myself with utensils. This usually only lasts for a minute or two and then it’s back to hands-to-mouth!
 Above you can see two of my pearly whites, but I now have four and two more almost through. I’m ready to get this teething thing over with! Although, I’ve heard that I’m going to lose these at some point and go through this whole thing again. Hopefully it won’t be as bad next time. 

Another big boy thing that is hopefully coming this week is a haircut. I am in desperate need. Mom has clipped off the rat tail I was rockin' in the back, but it is starting to form again... and the top of my head (which she was too scared to touch) is getting a little out.of.control. Don't I look like I'm about to take flight with those side flips?
I have also really started to love certain TV shows. Much to Mama's demise, I really get into Barney. He makes me stop, stare, and then dance.
 By the end of the day, I've usually watched about 20 minutes of TV. Mom tries not to have it on too much because it makes me do this: zone out.

But I am no TV junkie, I love books most of all. I could spend all day having every book in my basket read to me. Mom and Dad are hopeful that I am going to be a well-read boy... but not too book-wormish to have a little fun! I think I'll have a good balance of Mom (the nerd) and Dad (the goofball) to be just right.

Don't be too impressed, but I learned how to put videos on here! I'm going to leave you with some footage of me saying some of my favorite words. Mom is prompting me here, but these are all words that I say on my own in the right context. I'm such a smarty-pants! 


allie paschall said...

w, i loved your video..please add more so i can hear your voice more often! i love you and miss you so much.
aunt alllllie

Rachel Rainer said...

Love you!

Unknown said...

Wow what a talker you've got there! I love how he says Allie!!! So cute!! He's very good at repeating what you say. I can't get Brett to say what I want him to most of the time. He only participates if it involves animal noises. He's a sweetie pie! I love the monthly updates! Keep 'em coming! Even if I haven't ever met him yet, I feel like I know him!