November 01, 2011

The Monster

We're not the type to go all out for Halloween. I'm kind of a chicken and most of it spooks me out. Our neighbor, however, loves Halloween. Her yard looked like a carnival (in a cool way) and she gave out stuffed animals instead of candy. Kids remember her house and she has lots of repeat visitors. Last year she said she had 110. So, we kind of felt like we needed to have some candy on hand for all the people she draws to our neighborhood.

W enjoyed it. He didn't really dress up, but he did wear this Frankenstein shirt my mom sent him. It was very appropriate because he is quite the monster these days.
Sorry so blurry! The dino in the corner is what he got at the neighbors. "Nino"s are a new favorite this week.

 I was actually glad to have something to do with him outside until Andrew got home. He is starting into his terrible twos way early. He has about 30 tantrums a day and they are not pretty... for either of us.

So, thank you pirates, ghouls, and spidermen for taking Wilson's mind off of "Cheeeeeeeeese!!!" for an hour. I'm glad he didn't know what these sweet things were that he was putting in people's bags. I don't think he would have given them away so willingly.

Hope you all had a spook-free night!


rebecca said...

haha. he's hilarious giving out treats.

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

too cute! that's awesome that he sat there to give them out (even know I'm sure it didn't last too long:) !