February 24, 2012

Eighteen Months

Hello, everyone! Today I am closer to two than one. Happy 1 1/2 birthday to me!

I have had a really fun month. The end of the month included a trip to Kentucky to see my family and to watch the RACERS win another victory. I had a lot of fun at the basketball game. Mostly I just played with Gigi, Allie and Mamu and mimicked the people behind me.

I cheer for "Bobbie" (Auburn) in football but when it's basketball season, I'm a Racer fan. Daddy doesn't have to prod me to watch sports... I can distinguish between basketball (ball-ball-ball) and football (boot-balll) is on TV and I love them both.

While in Kentucky, I also got to meet my 2nd cousin, Briley. She was too little to play with, so I just cheesed it up for the papparazi.
I continue to be a ham and love to get a laugh out of people. One way I do this is by pretending to fall and saying "Woah, woah, woah!" I'm waiting for a talent agency to pick me up for my excellent acting skills.

My parents have become "those" parents who talk about how smart I am all the time. It's so embarrassing, but let's be honest... it's kind of true. I was starting to learn my letters (A, E, H, and O were ones that I could pick out) but lately every letter (and the number 3) is an E to me. I call out "E!" everywhere we go. I can also count to three, kind of: "Two, two, three!"

I also  like to sing and can help sing the song The Wheels on the Bus (I enter in at "round and round", "swish, swish, swish" and "wah, wah,wah"). Another song I've learned is My God is so ("Big!"). And as you may have seen in the video before, I really really really love playing Ring around the Rosie.
This funny guy above is Jack and he is the one who taught me to play Ring around the Rosie. He lives next door to Gigi and Bigs and we are great friends!

I've also started to make association with places. When we pick up Amy for Bible study on Thursday mornings I say "Mamie!" before she even shows up to the door. When we drive past Chic-fil-a, I yell "Eat! Dip it!" (I love dipping things in sauces). When we drive by the zoo I call "Jaguar! Lemur! Choo-Choo!" (But I also normally say that anytime we get in the car. Have I told you I love the zoo?)

My newest obsession this month is school buses. Mom says she promises they are not as cool as I think... she said she had to ride one in middle school and it was the pits. I don't believe her; I think she must be lying.

This month I also made two more trips to the ER. I had a hard fall off of a chair.... two ER visits (in 12 hours) and one CAT scan later and everything is okay. My parents' wallets are a little lighter, but they are glad to know that all is okay with my head.

I still love my "Meemur" the lemur and I ask for him before naps and bedtime and throughout the day. We are best friends.

Another new activity that I enjoy is coloring. A couple of days ago I made some scribbles and told Mom that it was a "Jaguar!" She laughed and laughed and so I decided to draw her a fish, a turtle, a lemur, and a bird. They are up on our fridge. I have a proud Mama.

This weekend I am going to celebrate my twin cousins' FIRST birthday!! I can't wait to celebrate with them and pass on my words of wisdom for how to be one. I'm pretty sure I've got it down pat now. See you next month!

A Note From Mama...
Dear Little Man,
I can't believe you are on your way to being two! I thought people were exaggerating when they talked about time flying
, but it seems like I am desperately holding onto every minute with you. You are an incredible creation (only the Lord could have dreamed up someone as sweet and cunning as you!) and I watch you in awe every day as you discover the world around you. I love how you love people. I love how your face lights up when you see someone or something you enjoy. I love how you want to cuddle with me and want to wrestle with Daddy. I love what a great balance you have between independence and letting us enter your world. I love your love for animals. I love how you take my hand and beg for my attention when I'm not giving it to you. Please don't ever stop helping me to turn my eyes off of myself. You are teaching me what love means, and I love learning. Thank you for adding more joy to my life than I ever thought my heart could hold. Daddy and I are so proud to be your parents!
Love, Mama


allie paschall said...

Wilson, i cannot believe you are half way to 2! I'm not sure what we all did without you. Your Aunt Lallie and Uncle Kody love you very much and cherish each moment we get to spend with you!
Sissy, I may or may not have cried while reading your little letter. I will let you decide which :) love you!

Unknown said...

I just cried.