March 24, 2012

Nineteen Months

Oh hey, family and friends! It's Wilson here... nineteen months and the hippest guy on the block. Not everyone can pull off the smock, you know. I do it with excellence.

As usual, I wanted to share with you some highlights of this month and tell you all of the things I'm learning and doing.

Nothing new here... I am still spending most days at the zoo, dropping by to see my buddies: the ring-tailed lemurs. This month I learned their names: Penny, Jay-Jay, and Rocky. They should know my name by now but they never tell me hello. Rude.
I also make sure to pay my respects to the jaguar... who stalks me and licks his lips while I stare in oblivion.

My other buddies are the baby peacocks. They were born right before we moved here and we've kind of grown up together. Here I was telling them, "March, march, march!" I play better with animals than other children... maybe I'm the next Dr. Doolittle?

Speaking of "manimals," Meemur and I are still thick as thieves. Other favorite things have come and gone, but I think this guy is in it for the long haul.
Mine and Meemur's favorite way to spend our time together is reading.
Mom will ask if I would like to read, and I will tell her very matter-of-factly: "Books. Meemur." and then crawl up in this chair with my best friend. A lot of days Mom will find us just like this:
She says it makes her heart so glad to find me loving books. I do have some Mama in me.

This isn't really new either, but I still spend most of my waking hours at this train table.
I go around and around and around with my trains saying "choo, choo!" I also keep my trucks, bus (school buses are still a favorite), animals, and dinos on the table, too.
Mom told me I need to fire my city planner.

One skill I've discovered this month is drawing. Oh, how I could "color" all day if Mom would let me! I've crafted artwork on many a white page, but I've also been so kind to embellish our floors, coffee table, kitchen cabinets and unsuspecting nearby clothing.

Much to my parents dismay, I've become a picky eater. They like to call me their little hippie because I will not so much as glance at meat. That's right, I'm a vegetarian. I just love "manimals" too much to eat them. I will eat any fruit you put in front of me, but it's hit or miss with everything else. We're all hoping this is a stage, because I'm tired of dinnertime tantrums, too... I don't know what in the world is going on with me.

Last month I started learning my letters, but this month I've really taken an interest in them. I can recognize the letters A, E, O, X, B, H, W, and Z most of the time and I get SO excited when I see them anywhere. Thus, a man after my great-grandmother's heart, one of my favorite times of the day is after dinner at 6:30 when my favorite show comes on....
Wheel! Of! Fortune! I love it when they call out the letters. They say "E!" and I yell "E!" They ask for a T, and I call "T!" It's so much fun. And sometimes me and Mama guess the puzzle before they do...

Dad says I'm a little nerd... but in a good way. There is a good way to be a nerd, right? I am actually a good mix of a rough and tough boy and a thinker. When I play, I play thoughtfully and carefully... I measure and study.

But, I can also let loose and have some fun.

I'm still quite the talker and am saying more words than Mama and Dad can count. My sentences are: "Bye... (Dada, Mama, etc.), "Hey, (Meemur, Jaguar, Mama)",  "There it is!", and "Here (Dada, Mama, Gigi)" when I'm handing you something. I really like talking....and singing, too.

I think that about covers it for this month! I'm a busy boy and I am loving life. Our new home has been good to me and I am proud to be a Mississippi boy!

Thanks for reading!
Much Love,

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Anne Marie said...

He is so adorable! And I'm glad to know that someone else has become a picky eater too. M won't touch meat (unless it is well disguised).