February 11, 2012

Our Future Zoologist

We have been frequenting our neighborhood zoo quite a bit lately (thanks to my parents' gift of a season pass!), and W's favorite attractions there are the jaguar and the lemur. In fact, every time we get in the car to go anywhere he says, "Gag-gwy-er! Mee-mur!" as in "Take me to the zoo to see my friends, please!"

After killing some time at the zoo on Friday, I decided to take W into the gift shop to peruse. They had a six dollar stuffed lemur and how could I resist? I did not resist... we left with that funny looking animal who is now affectionately called Meemur around these parts. I took some videos of Wilson tonight hanging out with his new friend and wanted to share!


Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

he is so stinkin cute!!!

Katie said...

He is sooo big & so adorable! I miss you guys so much & hope yall are doing wonderful!!!