April 25, 2012

Twenty Months


Hey, everyone! I interrupt  "choo choo" time to bring you an update from this twenty month old's life! Choo choos are still among my favorite things and it looks like it will probably stay that way.
Another favorite thing, lately, is wearing glasses.
If I see glasses anywhere near, I will ask to "wear" and then I rock those shades. The above picture was on the train at the zoo. Much to Mama's surprise, I wore them the entire time and would have worn them throughout the zoo if they didn't keep falling off my face. I like sunglasses best but I'll take what I can get.

I still love learning my letters and know almost all of them. I have some trouble with the letters N, U and V but the rest I can name. We have started on my colors, but right now everything is "red!" Mom is sure I will catch on quickly, though, as last month every letter was an "E!"

A lot of this learning probably stems from the fact that I love watching movies. Please don't judge my parents, but I watch a couple of short movies a day. A favorite right now is "Word World" because it talks about letters a lot... it also talks about how to spell, but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe next month.

If you are around me long enough these days you will hear me ask the question, "What is it?" I ask it about everything, in books especially, even if it is something that I clearly already know. It's just a part of my growing cognitive skills...that's what I tell Mom, at least.

I'm also able to carry on somewhat of a conversation as I am starting to be able to recall things. For example, if we go to the zoo earlier in the day, Dad can ask me what I saw at the zoo. This happens a lot in our house and I pretty much have the same answers, but the conversation goes something like this:
Dad: What did you see at the zoo today, W?
Me: A Meemur!
Dad: Really? What else?
Me: A Mama! (llama)
Dad: What else did you see?
Me: Choo choo! Nunnel! (I rode the choo choo and it went through the tunnel!)
Dad: Fun! What else did you see?
Me: Cock-cock! (peacock)

It's fun to have conversations with Mom and Dad... I think someday we are all going to be good friends.

Right now it's a little hard to be friends when I am constantly getting into trouble. Meal times are always disastrous and they usually end up looking something like this...
Mom tells me I'm definitely a strong-willed child and I tell her I don't enjoy labels, thank you very much. They keep talking about this thing called discipline and how they are figuring it out and I really don't like the sound of all that.

I do love my parents, I just really don't like it when they get in the way of what I want to do. One morning, out of nowhere, I gave Mama a hug and said "Love you, Mama." She treated me like a king the rest of the day. Lesson learned! 

This month was a fun one... Baba and Grandan came to keep me while Mom and Dad went to New Orleans for their anniversary. I had so much fun with them! They took me to the zoo's birthday party and we played and read until I was plum worn out. I think they were plum worn out, too. I love these two!

Well, I think that about sums it up! I'll check back in next time as a 21 month old! Back to playing...

Much Love, W

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