April 08, 2012

Easter Weekend

W had quite an eventful Easter weekend. First, he and Andrew spent Saturday morning at the zoo and splash pad... and then we were off to an Easter egg hunt.

This sweet couple from our church invited scores of messy, greedy, sugar-filled children to come hunt eggs... in their yard. And I get stressed about having 15 mature, college-aged students over for dessert?

I just want to pause for a moment and say how much I love our church (we will join after our seven week course starting next Sunday... so I guess it really isn't our church yet). When people ask what I think about Hattiesburg and I say "I LOVE it.", what I really mean is I LOVE our church. If you took First Pres out of the equation, I could be down right depressed here. The teaching is gospel-centered and nourishing... the community is life-giving... I have never felt so taken care of in a church.

Okay, back to the hunt. After a little coaching, W soon got the idea.

He was mostly interested in opening the eggs, saying "uh-oh!", and then handing them back to me to put together again. I'm glad he doesn't know what candy is yet.

There was an appearance by a certain large rabbit in a colored vest. This was about as close as Wilson deemed safe. I don't blame him. Have you ever seen a not-scary Easter Bunny?

Not long after he began, he decided he was done and wanted to count up his earnings.

...and then we dug into this sugary goodness and none of us slept a wink last night because of it.

This morning we got all dolled up and made our way to church to be reminded of how the resurrection of Jesus changes everything. Our perspective... our longings... our eternity. Thank you, Jesus, for securing a purpose and an eternal extension to my life. We stood in awe today and sang Allelulia.

Good thing Easter isn't all about taking family pictures (although I believed the lie of that this morning), because W was not in the mood. Unless wearing Daddy's shades.

Oh well. This is real life.

Hope you and yours had a sweet Resurrection weekend!


Rachel Rainer said...

What a sweet little boy! You look gorgeous as always! Love you!

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

miss y'all! you looked awesome in those pictures! Great color on you:)