June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Andrew!

Sometimes, when I'm getting ready in the morning, I will hear these two giggling so hard down the hall. I will run to the living room not wanting to miss out on anything... and there I will find them: laying on the floor laughing at absolutely nothing but their own laughter.

I love this about these two. They are best friends. Even now, when such a great gap of age sits between them.

Wilson gets to experience and learn so many new things because his dad has such an adventurous heart. I'm so glad for this, because if it were left to me I would probably put him in an inflatable bubble and shield him from the world. I see the fire of curiosity and discovery growing in Wilson and I'm glad (and maybe a little afraid) to know he is going to be just like his daddy.

I am so thankful for this man. Andrew was made to be a dad... but even more accurately, he was made to be Wilson's dad!

Happy Father's Day, Andrew. We love you!

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