July 27, 2012

Twenty Three Months

At Mt. Rushmore

Hello, friends! This is going to be a short (and as always, sweet) entry. Mom and Dad have about 100 projects going on right now and so I am staying busy keeping them distracted from finishing any of them. It's a tough job. But I think I'm the one to do it!
Riding "tractor train" at Old Macdonald's Farm
This is my last month to be one!! I'll already tell you I'm two if you ask me, but that's just for practice.
4th of July in Kentucky

We are back in Mississippi and we were all right about me getting a little bored after spending a month in Wyoming. I'm learning to adjust to not having 40 college students around 24/7... Mom and Dad don't quite cut it, but I am glad to have my buddy Samford back.
One of my many friends from our summer in Wyoming

I'm still into the same things. Mostly trains and animals. Animals that I can identify and name include (but is not limited to): lemur, zebra, rhino, monkey, jaguar, tiger, lion, cheetah, prairie dog, ostrich, turtle, snake, lizard, goat, sheep, moose, elk, bear, polar bear, panda, penguin, giraffe, camel, dolphin, whale, seahorse, shark, star fish, sting ray, crab, cow, horse, donkey, rooster, chicken, cat, dog, bird, toucan, eagle, goose, duck, llama, peacock, mouse, rabbit, alligator, jellyfish, octopus, fish, elephant, gorilla, hippo, kangaroo, walrus, owl, marmot, sea lion....
Chicks at Old Macdonald's Farm

I'm sure I forgot some, but that gives you a good taste of how close I am to being a zoologist. (This doesn't even include all the insects I can name!)

One of my very favorite phrases now is, "Right here!" But I really like to use "Oh," in front of most phrases so usually it goes like this "Wilson, where is your milk?" Me: "Oh! Right here!"
Me and Daddy at the Badlands

I'm also speaking in more sentences and saying things like "This is hippo!" "That is a truck!" and my very favorites, "Sit down Mama please!" and "Play you Mama?"

I've also started to say "Sorry" when I've done something wrong, although that hasn't curbed my drive to do things wrong. :)
Chasing prairie dogs in the Badlands

Another normal in my life right now is singing before we go to bed. We sing "Lullaby," a song Mama and Dad sang at the camp where they met or "Baby Mine" (my favorite... I always ask for "mine?" at night) and then we always end with "Wheels on the Bus" per my request.

Well that wasn't as short as I thought but it's time to go destroy things now! I'll update you next month when I am TWO (and as a sneak peek... I may or may not be sleeping in a BIG BOY BED!)

Love, W

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T Welch said...

Love it! He just gets cuter and cuter as the months go by (I'm sure much too quickly for you). He's smart and adorable, but what else could he be with you as his mama?!?!