August 30, 2012

Two Years

Here we are, Blog World! Two years. I want to thank you all for being faithfully interested in what's going on in this Little Man's world.

Mom tells me that each time she reads the last month's entry, she can't believe how much I've changed in one month. I'm growing and learning at rapid speeds now! Mom has always got me working on learning something and Daddy just shakes his head and tackles me. I'm getting a good balance of parenting, I think.

Let's talk about the party first because it was kind of a highlight for me. For weeks I was telling everyone I knew that I was having a "manimal party!" I was a little confused because when asked whose birthday was coming up, I would answer with "manimal birthday!"

They did come to celebrate though, those manimals! I was a little beside myself with all the decorations. A "meemur" even made an appearance.

I enjoyed everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to me and blew out one of the candles like a champ. I wasn't interested in the second one, so one of my buddies sitting close finished it off for me.

Afterwards we (all my friends and family) took a stroll to the zoo to visit my friends! I couldn't let this special day go by without letting them in on the celebration.

I loved having all my family here to celebrate with me. Thank you, family, for making the drive! I often ask to "Go to Baba's house?" or "Go to Gigi's house?" so I'm glad they came to mine. My birthday is always doubly sweet because I share it with my Grandan (Dad's dad!) How nice of him to share the attention... I hope he liked the zoo party I planned for him! :)

A big new development this past week is that I started sleeping in a "big boy bed"! I was so excited about having my own big bed that the transition was really fairly easy. Most of the day I want to put all of my toys up there and play (I also like to hide a few for bedtime).

Of course I'm still talking, talking, talking. I really never stop talking, honestly. If I'm not talking, I'm singing. I like to turn every day commentary into a song: "Like some grapes, like some grapes, Wilson like some grapes..." is one example. By the way, grapes and watermelon are my two very favorite foods right now. Mom has learned that any problem can be solved by offering them to me.

I'm also starting to get some time outs, which mostly works for discipline. Being alone is one of my least favorite things, so I'm quick to choose to obey when the other option is facing a wall in my chair. At first I thought it was kind of fun and would ask mom for a time out throughout the day, but lately I'm getting the drift that it's actually no fun at all. Bummer.

I'm at a loss for what else is new, so I'll sign off now! Thanks friends and family for being so sweet to me these past two years. I'm really so blessed.

Much Love, W

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