March 23, 2013

NYC Spring Break

We just took eleven students to NYC for Spring Break.

Andrew, our intern Claire, and the students spent their days on campuses like FIT, Columbia and Laguardia having conversations with students and connecting them to the local Cru movements. Out of the 150+ colleges in NYC, there are only 8 Cru staff on campuses.

We really had SO much fun. It was great to get to know the students that we brought with us. As a mom, my moments with students are getting fewer and further between and so I love the chances I get to spend significant time with those we have been called to.

I think the students really loved engaging in a different culture. Let's be honest... Mississippi people LOVE Mississippi. It was really good for them to step into a place and interact with people that were different from them.

And it was even sweeter for them to see that these people need Jesus too.

No matter what material things are at our fingertips, the longing for a purpose that is bigger than ourselves remains.

So while Andrew and the rest engaged in ministry, Wilson and I braved the city together.

We met up with everyone for most evenings and for the free day, but for the rest of the time we navigated the subways and the avenues on our own. (Who am I kidding? I texted my college best who lives there every five seconds.) Do I tip taxi drivers? Where can I eat lunch around the Museum of Natural History? I'm lost, come find me.

Actually, I never did get lost... which is really surprising if you know me. Wilson soon became a pro at the subway routine: Jump out of stroller, hold mommy's hand while we slowly walk down the steps making everyone behind us huff, wait while mommy goes through the turnstile and then duck under the turnstile, hold mommy's hand tight because she's convinced I'm going to fall onto the rails and get electrocuted, jump back into my stroller, yell when i see the "R" train.. "It's OUR train!", roll onto the train in my stroller and stare everybody down...maybe say some seemingly rude things, ask if it's our stop 100 times, roll back out of the train and make mommy carry both me and the stroller up 1,000 flights of stairs.

Y'all... I could not be a New York mom. I have a newfound respect for this incredibly brave breed of women.

I think W's favorite thing we did was Central Park Zoo. He still talks about the penguins. Today he asked if Gigi could take him there.

I mostly loved the food. And spending much needed time with Becca. (Her blog {here}).

And, again, I loved getting to know some sweet girls from Southern Miss. Our job is a joy!

While there, we also got to visit some of our favorite friends from Crusade staff, The Robbins family and Michelle. Wilson and the youngest Robbins kid, Roe, became fast friends. In fact after we left, they sent us a picture of Roe having a break down when he learned Wilson had left to go home. It was enough to make me want to pack up and move to NYC. What a sweet friend.
Watching W have convos with other little people is one of my most FAVORITE things
Such a fun spring break. Here's to hoping it's a Harwell/Southern Miss tradition!

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Katherine said...

I will come with you next time and be your babysitter.... just like old Crusade times :) but this time I will have one of my own! Love you all. Really hoping we get to see yall this summer!