March 24, 2013

Two & 1/2 (and the next month, too)

I'm a little behind (okay, a month behind), but it's been a crazy month. This Little Man keeps growing and growing. I can hardly remember what it was like to have a little one I couldn't have conversations with.

W spends most of his day singing. Most songs are made up and most are to the tune of "Wheels on the Bus" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." His favorite song right now is "Funny, wunny, sunny day"... I'm sure you can guess the composer. He walks around the house humming and after most sentences he interjects a little "doo doo dee doo doo." I think he thinks he is starring in his own Broadway production.

 He likes to talk about what he has done and what he will be doing. Everything that has happened in the past happened "yesterday", and everything that will happen in the future is either "tomorrow" or "in just a minute." His memory baffles me. Maybe it's because he doesn't have as much information to hold in his brain, but he remembers everything. A month ago my mom showed him a blue car over Skype and said she was going to bring it to him. When she showed up this weekend he said "Hey, can I have the blue car?"

He is a true Silly Willy who likes to make us laugh and likes to laugh himself. If we are somewhere with a lot of people (like a restaurant) and he hears someone laughing across the room, he will give a fake (loud) mimic laugh that makes me want to duck under the table.

Some things we are working on now:
Saying what we mean. He is doing this new, very frustrating, thing where he will first say what he doesn't want (Like "I want to take a nap."), so that when you say "okay," he can argue with you and say "No! I don't want to take a nap." We probably go through this at least ten times a day and it just baffles me at where it all came from. It's put us in a very hard season of giving him the first thing he asks for, knowing it's not really what he wants, so that he can learn to say what he means. This is really hard to follow through on when he says something like, "I don't want Baby Bear."
Being kind to others. This is really sad for me, because he used to be so sweet to his friends... it was like I've suddenly had a wake up call that yes, my son has sin in his heart too.
Potty training. This makes me laugh because we really aren't working on it. I said I would wait until after NYC because I knew diapers would be easier there. Before NYC, he went (pardon my literal bathroom talk) poo-poo in the potty one time, but has never done anything else. I thought after that one time he would want to continue (it was not traumatic at all! in fact, a good experience all around), but alas... he just wants to sit for a minute, say he tried, and then get a prize. (Yes, I made the mistake of giving him a prize for trying... I never claimed to be a perfect mom!) Honestly I think it's my laziness keeping us from really giving it a go.

Some things he is doing well at:
Conversations. I feel like he's thinking more about questions I'm asking and giving thoughtful answers. He asks me questions now and listens to what I say. After I answer him, he always says "Oh!" like it's the most interesting thing he's ever heard. It's such a fun stage! I love watching his little mind grow.
Playing by himself. We go through stages of this being a high or a low, but right now he will scamper off to his room and play with cars or legos (have I mentioned we are into legos?? I can't even believe we've reached that stage) for a good 30 minutes or so. Of course he would rather someone be right there with him.
Interacting with others. Sometimes if we get in big groups of people, he is a little shy at first... but the normal Wilson is super outgoing. If the workers at cash registers don't talk to him first he will say "Hey! What's your name?" or "Hey! What are you eating?" (he asks that to anyone chewing gum). He asked a pregnant friend the other day what was in her belly. Good thing I knew her!

I know we are supposed to, but we really LOVE this kid. Even if he wasn't mine, I think I would want to be around him because he is just so much fun. Hearing his feet run (always run) down our hallway makes me so happy because I know that, even on his worst days, he is delivering blessings from His creator to our family simply by existing.

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