April 04, 2013

Days three and four

Thanks, all, for your encouragement in our potty training endeavor! It really was therapy for me to write and laugh about it all. We aren't quite finished yet, but days three and four were much better.

No accidents. None at all. Hooray!

He did manage to get his foot in the toilet for a little splash-around. After that, he slipped and there went his whole left arm. I think his whole body has spent some time in the toilet at this point in his life. After the whole motor-boat incident nothing phases me any more.

He still hasn't finished that #2 he started. And because he hasn't finished he has been a grumpy little boy with a tummy ache. I've tried putting a diaper back on him and putting him in his normal "#2 Zone" (The train table), but still nothing. Is he going to explode? I have nightmares about it.

He stayed up past bedtime last night because "my tummy hurts!", and man do I believe him. It has to. Daddy came home with a bag of "candy" (dried plums) and W looked at us out of the corner of his eye like, "What's going on with you two? Letting me stay up past bedtime? Forcing me to eat candy? I don't think I trust.... alright, give me the candy."

Didn't work. Any suggestions? Are laxatives our next option? I'm so sorry that this blog has turned so foul lately... I promise I'll get back to writing about more pleasant things soon.

Also, I haven't been out of the house in three days. THREE DAYS. Have you noticed how much I've been on Facebook? If only I could apply that motivation to cleaning my house.

Oh, well. Cheers to a dirty house and a diaperless boy!


Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

"sigh" I'm feeling ya right now ;)

Sara said...

Miralax! The medicine dissolves into any liquid.
Press on. Potty training is never my specialty, but eventually they get it, even when it feels they never will. :)
I'll be entering that world again before too long.