April 18, 2013

Peyton's Bridal Shower

We are in a season of showering. Lots of marriages and lots of babies and both of those things make me really happy for the people that I love!

In March we (me and some sweet friends) hosted a bridal shower for Peyton. Peyton and Andrew (Wenz) are two of our most favorite people in the world. Wenz is an intern with us, but he and Andrew go way back to our first year at Auburn on staff (he was a student involved with Crusade there). I knew Peyton when she was a student at Auburn, though not well, and she came to Hattiesburg last year to go to grad school (Thank you Jesus! What a blessing!)
Me, Peyton, Amy & Claire
She moved in to be roomies with Claire, almost immediately started dating Wenz... and even more quickly became one of my favorite friends. The exciting news is that she and Wenz will be here through December and are planning to join staff with Cru in January.

That makes me and my Andrew happy (I always have to say my Andrew when I talk to Peyton and I kind of love that), but it also makes Wilson happy because you can't even imagine how much he loves "Wenz" and "Moose." When their Save the Date arrived in the mail he begged to sleep with it. And I let him. You can't make these things up.

The shower was so much fun, and I hope Peyton felt really loved. Because she is.

A fun game that Claire orchestrated!

Peyton with her mom and sister

It was her birthday the day before, so we had to celebrate that, too!

Peyton, you are an answer to prayer. A sweet friend who loves others so well. Your excitement for life and for the goodness of God spurs me on to treasure the gospel. I already can see how my marriage with my Andrew is going to benefit from watching your marriage with your Andrew. You two are a blessing to us. We love you! Can't wait to celebrate BIG in 23 days!

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