June 21, 2013

A mistake and the last week ahead

That last entry was a mistake. We did not go to the lake in the middle of our summer project! :)
The girls on staff 
We are nearing the final week of our summer project in Jackson Hole and as usual it is bittersweet. It almost feels like the last week is when you really build trust and a relationship with the students, so I'm left wishing we had four more weeks with them.

The "Moose Room" where we have all our meals
At each lunch and dinner we have a couple of the students share their story of understanding the gospel with the group. We have had several students express during their stories that being out here for the summer is the first time they have understood what it really looks like to walk with Jesus. That it's not about a checklist of dos and don'ts or just turning away from everything "bad." They are understanding that because Jesus lived out all the dos and paid for the donts, they now have the freedom to have a relationship with the One who made them.

Some of the guys
It is a sweet thing to be on the front row seat as some one gets the beauty of it all.

The students have spent the past week figuring out and learning what it looks like to communicate their story of redemption to others. We are hoping to send them off well to bring words of hope to their friends at their respective campuses.

We appreciate your prayers and love! We would especially appreciate prayers for health and protection. We had a student break her finger this week and, as a result, had to have surgery Wednesday. Pray for Autumn's healing and also for the protection of everyone else! (I'm always concerned about a bear taking off with one of the students who might want to pet it.) (I know that sounds sarcastic, but it is an actual fear I have.) (They saw a bear this week and a few students went into the woods to find it.) (I'm done with parentheses now!) 

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