August 27, 2013

Three Years Old

I'm going to do two separate posts on Wilson at three and Wilson's birthday party. Because there is just too much to say.

Wilson is an AWESOME three year old. Sure, there are things to complain about (like, let's talk about how he still is terrified to poo-poo on the potty... six months into potty training.) but I want to tell you about how much joy he brings into our lives.

He is funny. He likes to tell jokes (he thinks they are hilarious) and he also likes to say funny things like "You're my WIFE!" or call people a name that he clearly knows is wrong just for kicks.

He loves to sing. This child sings He makes every day commentary into a song which makes life more fun. Before his birthday, we downloaded several children's albums on our computer and we were relieved to give him a new repertoire  of songs.

He loves to hear and tell stories. After we read the Bible and pray at night, I stay in the room with him and we each tell one story. (Y'all, even as an English major I struggle every night to come up with a new plot.) His stories always start out, "Once ABOUT a time..." and are usually composed of characters like "Binzo the tow truck" who go to New York and ride the subway. They also frequent the toy store and come back with lots of toys.... THE end.

Just last week he stopped sleeping during nap time. He will stay in his bed for two hours reading books and make-believing with his animals and I don't know how he doesn't just fall asleep from boredom. But he doesn't get out of bed so I'll take what I can get... and move up bed time. :)

His new obsession is bugs. We can't get to our car in the driveway without him squatting, pointing, and attempting to pick up an ant. We currently have an evil-eyed beetle and two dead cicadas (he says they are just "fweeping") camping out on his bedside table.

He also really loves Legos (we had a whole tupperware full from his Daddy's childhood days), and spends a good chunk of his day building trains, garages, monster trucks, and airplanes. And begging me to do the same. And I really don't know how to make anything but square buildings.

We have officially entered the "CUZ WHY?" stage. "Wilson, don't lean back in your chair." "Cuz why?" "Because you could fall and hurt yourself." "Cuz why?" "Because the chair will fall over and your bones will break." He always does a follow up "cuz why," so now, assuming he will get an unsatisfactory explanation from me, he just asks them both at once: "Wilson don't throw that ball in here." "Cuz why AND cuz why?"

He is a smart, smart boy and I bet if I thought it was necessary this early he could learn how to read. (Maybe that is being silly... but I think he could.) He remembers everything and reasons well. As strong -willed as he is, he is also very sweet and tender. He loves his friends. He adores his family. He is a people person and so very verbal.

It's enough to make a Mama's heart burst.

James Wilson, you are a treasure. I love holding you in my lap and hearing your silly stories. I love how welcome and loved you make people feel. I love how you take care of Baby Bear and are (mostly) sweet to your friends. I love how you get the hiccups every time you laugh too hard. I love hearing you ask if I will "pwease" play with you. Every day with you is a gift from the Lord... that I get to unwrap and ponder and thankfully receive. The music you sing all day is an echo of the joyful song in my heart... that I get to be your mama for too short a time. I pray that as you sing, you hear the Lord singing over you with gladness too. He delights in you, Little One. He is the source of all good. 

With an always and forever love for you, Mama

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