August 28, 2013

A Bug Party: Wilson is Three

 It was pretty easy to come up with a theme for this Little Man's third birthday party. He is very into bugs these days.

My house has been infested with plastic creepy crawlies for a month as we worked to get ready for the party. (Let me be honest, this is not work for me... party planning is what brings me most delight.)

On Friday night, with both of the grandparents here, we decided to let Wilson open his presents from us (just Mom and Dad). We've never really gotten him real birthday gifts before (because what do 1 & 2 year olds need?), so this was fun for us.

His big gift from us was a stereo that he could play my old ipod on. His face was lit up and he shouted, "It's a RODEO for me!"

We ran right back to his room, put his music on, and had a dance party.
Saturday was party day.

Cookies by Elisabeth Epperson (She is incredible, right?)


W waited with great anticipation for his friends to arrive... but had family there to keep him busy and happy.

 Oh, and some water, too.

Two of his favorites from our summer in Jackson Hole came to surprise him!

At this age, Wilson is forced to be friends with the kids of people that we pick to be our friends. I'm sure some day that will reverse, but I'm thankful that for now we can all agree that our friends (both parents and children) are THE best.


We came back inside after all of our friends left to eat pizza, open presents, and eat cake with family.

Wilson was exhausted at this point and halfway through he says, "Mama, can you just open them for me?"

Like this was a chore. Bless his heart.

Obviously being able to open the presents up and actually play with them was much more exciting. 

Sharing cake with his Grandan was next on the agenda. They are exactly 60 years apart and I love that they are a gift to each other.

Wilson took about three bites of his cakes, rested his chin in both hands and said... "Can I be done?" The child was about to face plant in his cake.

The next day, Wilson asked, "When can I have my bug birthday?"


It took us awhile to realize that he thinks birthday cakes are called "birthdays" and he was just wondering when exactly he was going to get a cake with a BUG on it. Oh, fail, mom!! We stuck a plastic bug on top of a leftover piece of cake, lit three candles, sang happy birthday (two days late), and Wilson checked "bug birthday" off of his to-do list.

So, you're telling me all I needed was a bug birthday cake to make this kid happy? :)

I think all the rest was still worth it. Happy Birthday, Little Man!


Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

too cute, Elizabeth! Happy bd to Wilson!

Tami said...

You got some great shots!!!