November 06, 2013

A Baby Shower & A Friend

Margaret & Owen (two of W's favorite people in the whole world) have a little sister on the way! This past weekend we ate cake, piled up diapers, and anticipated the arrival of this precious girl. 

I know I said this in the Halloween post, but this friend has been such a provision. Incredibly,  in every stage of my life, I have had a Rebecca as a best friend and this one is #4, and certainly just as dear.

Rebecca, thank you for taking in this new girl on the block and loving me so well. You are such a servant-friend and a wise, wise mother. You are so thoughtful in the ways you parent your children. You filter everything through the gospel and I truly learn so much from you. This little one is coming into the sweetest family... and I hope she knows that she has another family one street over who can't wait to love on her, too.

So, come on Baby Girl! We are all so very ready to meet you.

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