September 08, 2014

Wilson, Four Years Old

Four seems so much bigger than three. I mean, three is a baby, right? And four... well, that's just too close to five for this mother's heart.

Wilson has started talking about "when I get bigger and move into a different house," and can we just please stop all of this nonsense, Little Man? You are much too small to be using words like moving.

Everyone told me that Wilson would feel a lot bigger to me once Charlie came along, and I thought they meant more mature. There's some of that, of course, but I was not expecting how physically big he would feel. A giant! I was still carrying him when I was pregnant with Charlie (yikes... I know, bad choices), but now that just seems ridiculous... Like, isn't he half my size now?

Speaking of Charlie, Wilson is the sweetest big brother. He is most definitely acting out towards Andrew and I in anger and jealousy and boredom... but none of that has been directed at Charlie. He asks to hold Charlie and then puts one hand behind his head and kicks back to watch TV like he's so casual about it all. He is always so curious about where Charlie is and what he's doing and if he's awake. He wipes up spit-up and hands me diapers. The age gap made me sad at first, but now I'm thinking how great it is to have someone to go fetch the pacifier.

Wilson started going to play school three days a week at a new school this fall. This one is barely a mile from our house and we have lots of friends there. We love it! His friend, Brooke, is in his class and I hope they don't get tired of each other. His teacher, just like his teacher last year, commented on how well he jumped into the classroom setting and I explained to her that this kid thrives on social interaction. He is just so happy to be around people in any setting. 

This means that college ministry is his jam... And all of these "big friends," as he calls them, are such a foundational part of his little life. I really love that he gets to be a part of our ministry by practicing hospitality to everyone who walks through our door. He sure makes everyone feel wanted and loved.

He's still such a talker. When we are driving he tells me about everything he sees and then everything he knows about what he sees. And if that something he sees is a vehicle then he knows alot about it... he's like a backseat Wikipedia. He will give me a long spill about this fire truck and what type of fire truck it is and what it's job is and where it's probably going to and he always ends with, "Did you know that?" And usually the answer is no, I didn't know that, because he is much smarter than me in this department. And he kind of loves knowing more than me.

And oh is he good with legos. Am I being too braggy? Honestly, I'm just really impressed. He comes up with all these ideas in his head for subway trains and flying police cars and ferry boats and then he just builds them! Just whips it up like it's not a big deal, yo! Then I take it to show Andrew with bewilderment on my face and Andrew's casually amused because he has this gift of building, too, and can't understand people like me who have no engineering skills. Wilson has even started "reading" the directions (he calls it "the map") of the lego kits and that just impresses me even more! He only looks at the pictures and I look at pictures and words and still can't figure out if it goes on the front left side or back right side. Alright, I'm done bragging about all of that. But he's a smart kid... I'm just saying. 

 Legos are our best friend and our worst enemy... they can bring out the worst in Wilson which is, right now, his anger. Oh boy, does this kid get angry. When he can't get the legos to do exactly what he wants them to do... like this piece is obviously NOT going to fit in this hole no matter how many angles you try it from... he.falls.apart. He's been telling us lately that his "belly is making him mad," and at first I thought his stomach was bothering him... but now we have realized this is what he says when he realizes he is starting to get angry about something. It's kind of precious: that he realizes that this emotion is coming from inside of him and that the things on the outside are only triggers and not the cause. So, we've been talking to him about not letting that anger go from his belly to his hands (because he sure likes to break things. And hit things. Sometimes mommies.)... and we are just praying that God would grace him with lots of self control.

He also still loves New York City. It's a rare day when he doesn't ask me when we are going again. Usually his cars take a trip there or he talks to Baby Bear about going or he builds "the city" with his legos... adding in subways and "the big toy store."

This summer he was Andrew's right hand man in our backyard garden. He even had two pots of tomatoes that were his to take care of. Gosh, I loved how he ran in with a bucket of blackberries and cherry tomatoes every morning. He was so, so proud of that garden! And I'm so glad Andrew is making him into such an outdoorsman.

After a lot of practice this summer, he can write his name now... Although the "s" is backwards about 99.9% of the time, but should I even correct him? I wish it could stay like that forever because there is something so super cute about it. ("Super" is Wilson's favorite adjective and he uses is so super much.)

Sweet boy endured a very thrown together party this year... A few good friends, a store-bought cake with Legos on top, some water balloons and a happy birthday song. It was really perfect. Although, we had it the day before his birthday so he says that was his 3 year old party and keeps asking when his 4 year old party will be. Clever guy.


Having Charlie around is bringing up memories of days gone by with you. I remember one middle of the night (we've shared a lot of those but I remember this one specifically), you were maybe five months old and cried out and I came in to rock you. I was weary and longing for sleep and you were loudly protesting the injustice of sleeping by yourself, when all of the sudden you stopped crying, looked up at me and started giggling. And suddenly we were both laughing by the moonlight. I love how you led me in that moment to remember that even though the middle of the night was tough, we were doing it together... And, by gosh, we were going to make the most of it. You're still doing that, Little Man. Life can be hard but you tell jokes and do funny dances and tell me you love me out of no where. And Little Man, I really love doing life with you. You are super cool.

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