May 19, 2015

Easter, 2015

Somewhere around Easter, Wilson asked me "Is God in heaven because He died?"

I laughed... and then something stifled my laugh and I had to choke back some tears. Because no, Little Man, He is not in Heaven because He died. He is the maker of Heaven and Earth. He spoke it into existence.

But He did die. Jesus, Son of God, united with God the Father, came to rescue this broken world and broken people by being broken Himself. A perfect life, an atoning death... for you, for me.

But Jesus did not enter Heaven as a resting place like we will someday, He was the Word that caused it to be. He was there at its "In the beginning...".  No, Jesus is not dead. He conquered death and cleared the path to get us Home safely, too.

Death in vain forbids His rise. Allelulia! Christ has opened Paradise. Allelulia!

We had a few Easter egg hunts this year, but one of our favorites is always the one a family from our church puts on for all of the children. So generous and

Love how my boys are squinting the exact same way in this pic.

We decided to take a day trip to the Mississippi coast after church on Easter Sunday, so I loaded up the boys' Easter baskets with some needed beach accessories (Happy Easter, Charlie, here is some sunscreen! Ha!) and our favorite kids' CDs: Randall Goodman's Slugs and Bugs. We love all of them but right now we are really loving "Sing the Bible"...several of the songs have brought me to tears.

Wilson was pretty excited about a Spider Man egg filled with candy.

Charlie said, "You got me grass?! Thank you thank you!"

We got all dolled up and took some pictures before church... good thing, because Charlie had a blow-out all over this outfit once we arrived.

The beach was cold and windy and Charlie tried to eat sand the whole time BUT Wilson thought it was the best day ever, and I'm pretty sure that's what matters.

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