May 24, 2015

Road Trip Diaries, Chapter One

Life on staff with Cru brings many abnormalities, but one of the most abnormal aspects of our lives is packing up our family every summer and leaving home to lead students and other staff at a summer project. While leaving home gets harder every time, the destination of Jackson Hole, Wyoming makes the bitter taste sweet.

And call us crazy (because as I'm writing this, I've decided that we are), but we love a good road trip and have chosen to drive cross-country for our fifth summer. 

Andrew says I started packing in April, and he may be right, but who can blame me when I live with little ones who challenge my one step forward with two back.

We are no strangers to the road, and this westward journey really is a favorite for us. Counting the trips back, we are on our eleventh cross-country trip... But our first with two children. 

Our first leg was from Mississippi to my hometown in Kentucky, with a pitstop in Florence, Alabama to visit with Andrew's grandparents. 

Wilson got carsick for the second time in his life. Thankfully I looked back (because he stopped talking... Which is a good cue that something is wrong) and saw a pale face in time to grab a bag. We also had to make a couple stops for some roadside discipline because W is very into trying to be in charge these days.

Charlie is mostly a rockstar except his car naps have been very, very short.

Stopping in Florence was so worth it. Grandaddy Al and Granny bring us so much joy and they are two of the the many reasons I'm so glad I married into Andrew's family. 

From there we drove to our first destination- Murray, Kentucky! We were greeted by a chorus of cicadas and I'm sure you can imagine how Wilson felt about a yard full of new bugs to catch.

We stayed for two nights, so we had all day on Friday to swing and visit and grill hamburgers and front porch sit and walk to get sno-cones...

Both of my grandmothers came for a visit (sadly both grandfathers were feeling under the weather), and they showered us and the boys with love and kisses. It's hard to live far from home for so many reasons, but these two precious grandmothers are at the top of that list.

Some fresh air and Kentucky bluegrass under our feet were just what we needed to give us launch for the rest of the trip.

Also, I'm hopeful that the next time I see my sister she'll be holding her baby! 

Thanks, family, for loving us so well and sending us on our way west!

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