June 18, 2015

Charlie, ten months

Oh Charlie-Boy... How I've gotten behind in recording the wonders of your growing life. I really don't like the "second child" excuse, because really I've just been lazy with my writing. 

Watching Wilson grow was an incredible experience for me because everything was so new and amazing. But with you, there is such a depth to the newness. I couldn't have known with Wilson how I would miss his baby smiles or the feel of his little hand scratching my back when he was hip-riding. 

So with you, Charlie-Barlie (Wilson's nick name for you that has just stuck), these moments are being seared in my heart and I smother you with kisses about a million times a day and unashamedly tell everyone who will listen what a sweet and awesome baby you are. Because it's the truth. You're incredible.

At ten months you are not sleeping. Let's just get the bad stuff out of the way... You've had weeks here and there of going eight or nine hours (never ever more than that), but mostly you like visiting with me one or ten times a night and here on summer project it has been the easiest solution to just bring you back into the bed with us. This means lots of pats on our back and yanking of hair and feet in the stomach but when you crawl on top of me and lie stomach to stomach with your little head snuggled under my chin I try to convince myself that I would always choose this up and down shared rythym of breathing over sleep.

Here are the two things that are said to and about you at least once a day: "Look at those blue eyes!" and "You are the happiest baby!" Yes. To both. You are the happiest! You smile all the live long day and I can't help but smile back or die from the cuteness when you scrunch up your nose in the process. If someone is recording best smiles of all times, you've had to made the list. 

You love to wave... Of course it's that cute backwards wave (please don't ever stop that!). You wave when we say "hey!" to someone and you wave when we say bye, and you wave when we are coming up on a group of people because you are so hospitable like that. 

You also love to point. You point at people, animals, in books, at things you want to get closer to. You point at people you love and give them a big grin. Sometimes I open the van door to find you already pointing at me. 

I think your first word was "Bruh" for Brother a few months ago, but you said it for a lot of things so I'm not really sure. I am sure that you are saying "dog" now and it is said with the absolute best southern drawl. There are other words that I think you are saying like "ba" for bottle, "mo" for more, "da" for Daddy and "mum" for Mama and/or your favorite snack: mum-mums. A few times when I've told you no, you've told me "nah" back and I'm not sure if I should laugh or dread what this all means!

Anytime you hear music, you stop whatever you're doing and dance your little heart out. Charlie, joy and happiness really just ooze out of you.

Your favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus" and you can do the motions to "round and round," "swish, swish, swish" (you love getting your little pointy finger into this), and "open and shut." 

Your favorite new trick is throwing things, like blocks or toy cars or mama's phone... You put both hands way up in the air and then launch whatever it is off like a catapult. It's absolutely hysterical and your face is always so serious about it all. 

Even though you are a wiggle worm, you always have time for cuddles with me and when you give me hugs and open mouth kisses you melt this mama heart into a puddle. 

Just like Brother was, you are a speed-crawler and you are pulling up and scooting around. You've stood on your own a few times but only by accident and there's no steps yet. 

When you are on my hip and I'm trucking through life... Getting bottles ready, picking up toys, sending a text message... Sometimes you swing your sweet little face around in front of mine and give the cutest toothy grin and giggle, like "Hey Mama-- let's remember this moment!" And Littlest One, my darling Charlie Boy, I will never never forget. 

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