August 23, 2009

The Great Convergence

Thursday night at our weekly meeting, our campus director Bill Boldt explained to the 300 students that showed up why we feel called to invest our lives into them. We believe that college students are the most significant people (the next leaders, movers and shakers) in the world at the most significant time (independence, deciding what to do w/ their life) time of their lives. It was such a moving reminder to Andrew and I of what we are called to: this great convergence. We hope to impact these students for Jesus, so that in turn they would impact their community and the world.

Thus, being the first week of school... we were rather busy this week! On Monday morning we handed out 1,000 cups with Crusade's information and the football schedule in 45 minutes! On Monday afternoon we hosted 40 students in the Crusade office who desire to have a personal ministry. We challenged them to think about what would happen if there were 100 gospel-centered (experiencing Christ, outward focused, relationally driven) communities on Auburn's campus.

On Wednesday night, me, Andrew, and our dear friends Hank & Anna had a craft night until midnight getting some new ambiance for our weekly meeting the next day.

Just call us Martha Stewarts! Anna recovered some lampshades while I made a table cloth for our "Connections Table."

Our manly men worked on some stands to drape cloth over for some ambiance behind the band.

This is how the hard work payed off for our connections table

A shot from our first weekly meeting

Our first weekly meeting was incredible. Not because of anything we did... you could just tell that God was moving in the hearts of these students. Our series this fall is called "The Essence of Christianity" and we are studying through the book of Acts. Bill gave a great challenge from Acts 1:8 that we should be actively pursuing ways to be God's witnesses in both the near and far places in our life.

On that note, I want to say that we are praying for our partners in the gospel who just arrived in East Asia a couple days ago to continue the ministry that Auburn Crusade has been a part of for years in this huge city. We are so excited to see what God is going to do through Chris & Anne Marie and the rest of the team!

Then.... on Friday night we headed to Sylacauga, Alabama to have a leadership retreat! It was so encouraging! We had 41 students show up with a heart to reach their campus for Jesus. Please join us in prayer that through these students God would sweep Auburn's campus with a great revival that would in turn impact our nation and world. We have great expectations for what the Lord is going to do this year!

Here are a couple pictures from the retreat:


Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

can i just copy and paste your last blog entry to mine?:) you did a great job summarizing everything! so thankful for you

brioprincess said...

Wow, looks like you guys are busy! btw, Hi! This is Lori, from MSU.

Anne Marie said...

I just cried through your entire blog... Wish we could have been there for the meeting/everything else.