January 24, 2012

Seventeen Months

 Hello! Don't I look like such a big boy in this picture? Every time we start to head out the door I ask for my "pack pack." It's just part of the routine. Today I complete 17 months and life just keeps getting more and more fun! The most fun thing to happen this month was Mom allowing me to stay up ALL morning instead of taking a nap.
I LOVE being able to hang out with Mama all morning long. She has started to get more creative with things to do. We found a play group to go to, we Skype with Mrs. Anna & Henry, we go to story time at the library and we play outside (my favorite activity right now is bird watching.... no, really!)

But the thing that I could do all day long...

...is play at this train table. "Choo Choos" are a new favorite thing. I can play for a little while by myself but if you come within a 5 ft radius of me I am going to grab you by the hand and pull you over to come and play with me. I don't really like being alone.

Want to know about some things I do like? This month I like firetrucks, dinos (still), trains (see above) and ducks. Suddenly I am looking for ducks everywhere.. "Quack quack? Quack quack?" Thankfully, we can walk down the road to the zoo and see ducks anytime we want, along with some other fun animals...

I called this one a "nino" (dino) and no one corrected me. I'm pretty obsessed with any type of animal and I'm not scared of anything. This makes Mama really nervous. But I'm a big boy now!

Every day I'm doing more and more big boy things. Right now I have a LOT of opinions. When Mom tells me it's time to get dressed I tell her what I want to wear (Dino, Tractor, Elmo, etc.) When Dad tells me it's time to read a story I tell my him which book I want to read (Quack, Quack this month). If something does not go my way I will tell the perpetrator "no" very calmly at first (giving them the benefit of the doubt...surely they didn't mean to cross me), but if things don't change... it gets ugly.

What else are you gonna do when the world revolves around you?

Another big boy thing I'm doing is saying some sentences! Last month I started to say "Dat Mama" (that's mama....or dino, or elmo, or anything I love). But this month I started to say "Bye Dada" or "Bye Mama" and it is SO sweet (that's what Mama says anyway).

Mostly I am like my Dad but I have started to pick up some characteristics of Mom lately....
Mom is kind of crazy about having all the doors and cabinets shut, so I've started to walk around the house now and close all of the doors for her. I'm a big help like that. I've also started to throw things away (a boy after Mom's own heart!!). Mom and Dad have caught me more than once taking trash to the trashcan and tossing it. They have also found legos in my diaper can in my room. I was kind of done with them.

It's been a good month. Thanks for reading. I'll catch ya next month when I will be 1 1/2!!

Love, W

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rebecca said...

he looks like he's headed to school in the top photo. also jealous that you guys are wearing shorts and short sleeves in every pic.