June 24, 2012

Twenty Two Months

Howdy, partners! For this month of my life (22!!) we have been living in my town, and ain't 'nough room fer the two of us.

Okay, so there is enough room for Hardy (or "Har-hee" as I like to call him). He is my new best friend, besides the times when he tries to take something from me (like his OWN toys... I mean, come on.)

But mostly we love each other and I couldn't imagine Wyoming without him. Who else would I pass the breeze with? You're the best, Har-hee!

So, I spent a good chunk of this month on the road driving out here to Wyoming. I did really well in the car.... did any of you really doubt it? All I need is a good book and some snacks and I am set.

We also made some stops along the way, which made life a lot easier. My favorite stop (no brainer, here) was the Denver Zoo. Oh, thank you thank you Mom and Dad! We only had an hour before it closed, but we made the rounds in record time.

I was able to say "hello!" to all my new friends and even, hold your breath!, got to meet some more lemurs. This was quite possibly the best.day.ever.

But it wasn't long before we had to get back on the road to our destination... Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (Actually we are living in Wilson, Wyoming... which makes it the coolest city in the US of A.)

Oh, how I love it here! There is so much to do and see. I love the "tin-tins" (mountains) and the water...

But mostly I love the "manimals." The first night we got here I was hanging out on our window seat when all of the sudden I shouted, "Moose!" Mom kind of scrunched her nose and cocked her head (I do like to pretend a lot these days), but I finally convinced her to come look. I wasn't crying wolf... there was most certainly a Mama moose hanging out in our backyard. We've seen her a couple of times since then and once with her baby. I think this is where I belong, to be honest.

Okay, let's talk for a minute about how I'm growing...

Don't even think about telling Mom how big I look in this picture because she will start to cry. And it is embarrassing when she cries.

I have started to wear hats which is a big development for me. Last month and before, three minutes was about my limit... but now I enjoy them and even ask to wear them.

I am also wearing boots now, too... which was not a thing I loved before.

My communication is getting so much better. I'm able to talk about things I want or what I'm feeling (I can now tell Mama when and where I hurt, which she says is awesome).

Last night we went to the drive-in theater in Idaho... it was called the Spud and they had this truck  outside...

As we started to pull up, I went bananas. I mean, I was out of control screaming. Mom had never seen me like this... she was driving a car full of students and they were pretty freaked out, too, by my freaking out. I got out of my car seat and climbed up with Mom.. she was frantically asking me if I hurt and where but I could not get enough control of my emotions to talk. It was pretty scary for everyone until they finally realized I was scared of these spuds!!

Wouldn't you be too if you couldn't separate reality from fiction like me? When we finally got in and calmed down, I looked up at Mom with tears rolling down my face and my bottom lip puckered out and said, "Scared. Potato. Truck." She started to cry, too. She said it was because she was sad I was scared but also because she was amazed that I even knew what the word "scared" meant. Well, I do. And I never want to see those silly spuds again.

I've also started to say "I love (fill in the blank)." Mostly I fill it in with Mama, Dada or one of the grandparents but I've also been known to declare my love for cars, choo-choos, and the bed (that's Mom and Dad's bed... not my own).

Another big thing that happened this month is that I went to my first real (not just drive-in) movie... Madagascar 3!

The parents were a little afraid that I would scream out animal names throughout the whole thing, but I sat perfectly still, quiet and wide-eyed the entire time. That is, until, a train appeared and then I said "choo choo train!" about a million times.  Overall, it was awesome. And I found out a secret Mom and Dad have been keeping from me... popcorn. Loved it.

There have been a lot of firsts this month... movie, playing in snow, riding a tram (I loved the tram and will tell you all about it if you ask), seeing buffalo, jumping on a trampoline, and even seeing Old Faithful:

We are all a little afraid that I'm going to be bored to death when we get back to Mississippi. There really isn't much down time around here... I love my parents' job! These college students have been so, so good to me. I have all attention on me 24 hours of the day and there might be a wake up call for both me and Mom when we are back in our house in a couple of weeks. I'm sure we'll figure it out all over again!

See you next month!
Love, W


Tami said...

Is it weird that I cried too about you being scared of the potato truck? Yeah, I thought so, but oh well, that's just what grandma's do.

Anonymous said...

I loved this update! Wilson is such a cool kid! I really hope I get to meet him one of these days. In the meantime, I am really loving your posts and instagrams!