April 25, 2013

Baby Levi's Shower

In September,  W will have a new little friend to play with in Hattiesburg! Mitch & Amy Jaegar (a couple on our staff team) are due with a little man named Levi Harvey. We really can't wait to meet him and I have high hopes that he and Wilson will love each other. We already love him and had the joy of throwing a party in his honor (and in Mitch & Amy's honor, too!) 

What started out as a taco bar in my head ended up being a full blown Mexican fiesta in our backyard. Minus the mariachi band... and the sombreros.... but it was still pretty close. The weather was PERFECT.

We thought we'd be nice and let Amy take the first swing on the pinata. She took a second to feel around and then WHAM. She decapitated it in one swing.

Andrew has started a hashtag called #thingsamyhasdecapitated. We are a little concerned for their dogs.
Levi, I think your athletic genes are good to go!

After dinner we played a fun game and then opened gifts. Baby gifts are my favorite!

The hostesses and Amy...

Amy and Mitch... what a joy to have you two in Hattiesburg with us! We have loved having another married couple on our team, and now how fun it will be to share parenting joys and pains as well! We love you guys and can't wait to meet that little man!! 

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