April 19, 2013

Currie Girls' Shower

The celebration of new beginnings continued this month when we helped to host a shower for Nathan and Kim Currie who will be welcoming their TWIN GIRLS home from China very, very soon.

Brace yourself for the cutest picture you've ever seen....

If I can't stand not being able to kiss those cheeks right now, I really don't know how Kim does it. I think I fought back tears through the entire shower. Watching Nathan and Kim go through this adoption process has been a defining milestone in my life that I can look back upon and say, "Yes! God is good." It has been such an honor to be in the audience of His goodness to them. We love these girls so much already. Hurry, hurry paperwork!!
(Kim & Foster) It was so fun to briefly see Chris & Anne Marie and meet baby Foster... he has the sweetest eyes!

Kim and Nathan, I wonder if you'll ever know how much you mean to Andrew and me. We treasure your friendship and there are few people who are as dear to us as you are. I know it's true that those sweet girls will probably be more of a blessing to you than you are to them, but OH how that's hard to believe.... because I can't imagine any two people being more incredible parents. Andrew and I are better people because of the two of you. We love you!

Abbie and Evie... oh girls, we can't wait to love on you. I can't wait to come to your birthdays and graduations and weddings (most especially if I am the mother of the groom... because that's something we are praying for!). You are a treasure to not just your parents but to their friends who want to be your family, too.

An added bonus to the weekend was getting to see Hank and Anna!!! Anna and I Skype every now and then, so it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that we hadn't seen each other in person in almost two years. Anna is always such an encouragement to me, and what I wouldn't give to rewind time and be back at the beach with her and Katherine.

I wish we got a video of Henry's reaction when he saw Wilson walking up. He was screaming and covering his mouth and jumping up and down.... but Wilson also had a toy helicopter, so I'm not sure which his excitement was really directed at. :) Either way they were super cute playing together and it made me even more nostalgic for that time when we lived in the same town...
I'm pretty sure Andrew was telling them, "Boys don't hold hands."

What a sweet weekend!! One that I will treasure in my heart forever.


Anne Marie said...

Elizabeth, I LOVE these last two posts. okay, lets be honest... I love ALL your posts. Can't WAIT to see y'all again!!

Kim said...

Oh Elizabeth! We could not be more blessed by you and Andrew!!! You are so dear to us too and hold a very special place in our hearts! It's true joy to get to call you our friends and share all the joys and heartaches that life brings with the assurance that you two will always point us to His Goodness and Love for His children. So so thankful for you...thank you for honoring us and the girls with this post! Really, really hope one of our girls marry Wilson! :)

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

what a fun weekend!!