September 11, 2013


I'm stealing this from you, {Anne Marie}, because just thinking about writing a full post on all that's happened this month makes me hyperventilate a bit.

School has begun.
As God's blessing causes our ministry here at Southern to grow, Andrew's responsibilities grow with it. So while most days I am wondering when I'm going to see my husband again, we are incredibly grateful for what God is doing at Southern Miss. Last night we had our biggest weekly meeting at 70 students. During the meeting, we skyped with our recent alumni, Paula, who is serving in East Asia. It was a full-circle moment of what we are hoping to see happen here. Students understanding how to walk well with their Lord in college... and then leave to be a blessing to the world. 


Andrew has started seminary.
Yikes! (It's a scary and exciting thing.) Our church is graciously providing the means for Andrew to drive to Jackson, MS one day a week to take classes at RTS. Andrew is already learning so much from his classes and reading; we are ever so grateful for this opportunity that was obviously a gift from the Lord. However, taking a load of classes and leading a ministry/shepherding a team is quite the balancing act. We need lots of prayers and grace to be able to live life well these days.


Wilson and I are at home. Mostly.
I have to be candid here and say that all the instagram/facebook pictures of children being sent off to preschool has left me as an emotional push me-pull you most days. It's better for us to stay at home. Is it better for him to stay at home? I want to be his teacher. Am I equipped to be his teacher? I can shepherd him well here. Will anyone find out that I sat him in front of the TV for an hour while I took a shower and got ready? This decision to keep him home is partly financial and partly this inclination to keep him longer. I'll be honest and say that I wrestle back and forth if that's a selfish desire, making an idol out time with him... or is it just the call the Lord has on my life right now--that the way he wants me to nurture Wilson is to live life day to day with... minute by minute. With lots and lots of prayer.


Also, I could be enrolling him in preschool tomorrow.

The Jaegers had their baby boy, Levi!
This is big news for our little team of five that just became a team of six. When he reaches a month, we are going to send Levi out on campus to lead a Bible study. Only kidding, kind of, but he really is the cutest TINY thing with a head full of hair and Wilson can't wait to be his friend. Levi, he was only pretending at the hospital when he said he didn't want to touch you. I promise he will be your best friend once you learn to play with legos.

Wilson is not napping. Which is causing Mommy a lot of gray hairs and clothes get rewashed in the machine about three times because I keep forgetting they're done and they get hot and mildewy before they reach the dryer and YES that is all a direct consequence of Wilson not napping.


I am entering into some ministry on campus.
Another insecurity that instagram/facebook offers up on a silver platter is my involvement in ministry. Is every Cru staff mom going to their weekly meetings? Are they all meeting with 30 girls a week? Do they all get to have quiet times over coffee and muffins every morning? I'm thankful the Lord gives me great truth to combat the lies of comparison. I only get to see a fraction of peoples' lives on social media (which never gives the full picture) and it doesn't matter anyway! I have my own race to run. With that said, I have been blessed to dip my toe into the water of college ministry this year and I am loving the moments I get. Specifically, I'm getting to meet with our staff/student staff girls weekly to train and encourage them and I get to meet bi-weekly with the best group of leadership girls you will ever meet. Seriously, they are awesome... taking the gospel of Jesus near and far.

This season of life is fast and furious. I'm prayerful that the Lord will teach us to number our days so that we may have wisdom (as Moses prays beautifully in the Psalms... yes, there is a psalm of Moses!). If there were no God and no eternity, then each day would be swallowed up in meaninglessness. What would our days really matter? But I am grateful to live in light of the truth that my days count for something. They are marked and written. My love for Wilson, my obedience to Jesus, my dying daily to myself, my service to Andrew, my teaching the Word to a student... these are gathered up and stored for eternity. Lord, teach me to number my days.

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